Sri Krishna PU College


Our staff provide a very supportive environment and act as the perfect bridge between school and further studies by enabling the students to be independent and responsible and thus make a smooth and confident transition.


Sl No Name Qualification Experience Subject
1 Mr R Mallari M.Sc 12 Years Computer science / Maths
2 Ms. Rajeshwari B S M.Sc, M.Phil 12 Years Chemistry
3 Mr. Manjunath H M.Sc, M.Tech 19 Years Physics
4 Mr. Manjunath R M.Sc, B.Ed, M.Phil 13 Years Chemistry
5 Ms. Uma B M.Sc 22 Years Biology
6 Mr Santosh Angadi M.Sc, B.Ed 5 Years Mathematics
7 Ms. Seema Mahajan M.Tech 8 Years Electronics
8 Ms. Geetha Katti M.Tech 3 Years Computer science


Sl No Name Qualification Experience Subject
1 Dr D M Gopal M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D 15 Years Geography
2 Mr. Srinivas Reddy B R M.A, B.Ed 10 Years Economics
3 Mr. Changappa C T M.Com. 7 Years Commerce
4 Ms. Archana P M.Com. 8 Years Commerce
5 Ms. Madhuri Dixit M.Com. 4 Years Commerce
6 Ms. Veena M.Com. 10 Years Commerce


Sl No Name Qualification Experience Subject
1 Ms. Jayasheela S N M.A 15 Years Kannada
2 Dr Shylaja M.A, Ph.D 18 Years Hindi
3 Ms. Vanishree M.A 18 Years Sanskrit
4 Ms. Kalpana K M.A 18 Years English
5 Ms. Chandralekha M.A 7 Years English
6 Mr. Ramakrishna Naidu M.A 30 Years Telugu/Tamil

Administrative Staff

Sl No Name Designation
1 Mr. Kempe Gowda Superintendent
2 Mr. Vallabha S R Clerk
3 Mr. Pavan Clerk
4 Mr. Moulana Clerk


Education is a once in a lifetime opportunity to open children’s hearts and minds to the unbelievable wonder of the universe.