Sri Krishna PU College


laboratory experiments instil a deep learning in students.

Science is more than just learning from the books. The various labs are designed to benefit the students by arousing their curiosity. Students are often encouraged to work in small groups leading to social interactions, peer teaching and promote team work. The various lab experiments as proposed by PU Board are undertaken.

Physics Lab

The concepts and theories explained in the physics classes seem rather abstract and so experiments help the students to get a clear picture. A well equipped lab with big tables, racks, robust apparatus helps to familiarize students with the method of jotting down the readings and analysing them further.

Chemistry Lab

The various chemical reactions studied in the theory classes seem so fun and interesting when the students actually perform them in the lab under the safe and careful supervision of the faculty. The work bench is in the form of huge granite top tables, with individual burner connection, pipettes, burettes and beakers.

Biology Lab

Laboratory experiments are often used to teach natural science. The students learn to appreciate the beauty and complexity of the living world thru the use the microscope, samples, slides and stains.

Electronics Lab

"Current flow, voltage drop, amplification, and gates" – All these terms make so much sense when simple and basic experiments are done by the students in electronics. It improves their trouble shooting skills and sparks their interest in basic and applied science subjects. The electronics lab is equipped with trainer kits, CROs, power supplies, meters and electronic components.

Computer Lab

Code, compile and run – the state of the art computer lab with internet facility introduces the students to these jargons and enhances their logical & reasoning ability. All the requisite and licensed software is installed on the computers.


Education is a once in a lifetime opportunity to open children’s hearts and minds to the unbelievable wonder of the universe.